Just a little update on Mariska and my attempts at weight loss. I am afraid that we have nothing to report, I would like to blame it on our hitting a "plateau" but I can't say we have "hit it" when in all actuality we have never left it!! Maybe it was the super bowl snacks? Hmm Mariska can't use that excuse only I can. Mariska is down to 16 to 18 lbs of hay a day and is still holding at 1280, we will give it another week and see if we get any results.  Maybe Jennifer Hudson will be our next call.................. 


02/10/2013 3:39am

Thanks for sharing the video: http://www.meetup.com/Phoenix-Jem-tunes-toons/messages/boards/thread/31332342/#93934122

02/10/2013 4:07pm

Steve you are welcome, thanks for taking the time to drop a line. Hearing from everyone makes it worth the challenge Mariska is to us

Pat Miller
02/10/2013 6:41am

Regarding your diet...just hang in there! I have lost 50 lbs. by eating 1000 calories per day. Try sparkpeople.com. It's a free diet site.
As far as your mare, we used to bring our trotters and pacers home to our farm to gain weight so I can't help you there.

Good luck!

02/10/2013 4:04pm

Oh Pat, thank you for the words of encouragement. :-) Wow, 50lbs! that is awesome. I really just need to get serious about it.And of course exercise is the key. I wish that I had to put weight on a horse just once! It is always the opposite with mine. But I am blessed that they are healthy and we will try to exercise more and we will succeed.

Carol Marie
06/03/2014 6:01pm

I don't see any updates since her foal was born. Is everything okay?

06/06/2014 6:45am

Hi Carol, thank you for your concern, Mariska and Siska are doing just great. I will be updating pictures soon. Also will write a bit to catch everyone up on What Mariska is up to. Thanks.


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