Where next might we see Mariska turn up? It has been so much fun having people give me "sighting reports" Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to call or drop me an e-mail when they see her. :-) 

Saginaw News  
 Thank you to Bob Johnson (reporter)  And Jeff Schrier (Photographer) They did a great article for Saginaw Mlive. I had a great time meeting them and chatting with them when they came to our farm to take pictures. Mariska also enjoyed their visit as she got to have a little grain for showing off her skills with the doors. 

 Also Thank you to Jim and Barb from WKCQ, we had a phone conversation that they played on their morning show. I had so much fun talking with them, they were such a hoot, what really nice people they are and Jim is such a character!  I loved his "horse back riding gone wrong" stories that he shared with me.

So please do keep on letting us know the Mariska sightings when you see them, we appreciate it. 



02/18/2013 5:55pm

Mariska has made it all the way to New Zealand, on the www.stuff.co.nz news page. Very clever mare!!

02/19/2013 7:33am

Oh Thank you Nicole, We love hearing about where people have seen her, she has just been popping up all over the World. I am glad she made it to New Zealand! :-)

02/19/2013 2:18pm

Mariska visited Germany today:


Mariska is a wonderful horse with amzing skills.

02/20/2013 2:55pm

Thanks Lutz! I saw the article, I could not read it, but sure enough her video was there. :-) Thanks for the Mariska sighting.

Raymond Heemstra
02/20/2013 2:33pm

I can't remember how I was informed about your farm and Mariska, but I showed the clip to my wife and informed her that even four-legged Friesians are smart. You might gather from my last name that I, too, am of Friesian descent (on both sides of my family history) and while visiting Friesland a number of years back saw a number of those horses. I also spent time in the Grand Rapids, Holland area of Michigan where I saw quite a number of those horses. Thank you for putting the antics of Mariska on the internet so many others can be aware of this breed. They are wonderful!!

02/20/2013 2:52pm

So nice to hear from you. How neat that you got to see Friesians in Friesland. I hope to visit some day. I do hope that Mariskas video will be a great way to highlight the breed. I think there are still people that have not heard about them, and how wonderful they are. We sure do love them!


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